Velocity Ammunition Sales, LLC




Does Velocity Ammo sell factory new Ammunition.

Yes, all of our ammo is factory fresh, new Ammo.

From time to time we may offer trade in Ammo or surplus Ammo, but that will be specified in the item description.


Does Velocity Ammo sell reloaded Ammunition.   

No Velocity Ammo does not sell reloaded Ammunition.


Does Velocity Ammo offer free shipping.

Sometimes we will offer a special that includes free shipping.  Velocity Ammo strives to offer quality ammo at the industries best prices, so generally we are unable to absorb the cost of free shipping.


Does Velocity Ammo offer discounts.

Yes, from time to time Velocity Ammo will run a special in the form of a discount code that gives our customers an additional percentage discount.  Please watch our Social Media pages to find discount codes we may be offering.