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Speer Gold Dot 38+P awesome ammo!

IMO the best ammo for your snub nose revolver. Velocity had it at a fantastic price and shipped it immediately! Couldn’t be happier with my transaction! Thank you.


have not used them yet.

223 rem - Hornady TAP Training 55 Grain Full Metal Jacket

Fast and easy!

Great to deal with.

Awesome product no complaints!!

17 HMR - Hornady 17 Grain HMR V-Max

Great dealer

Price was good delivery quick and free.

Review of XSumbro

I know there were people saying something about a batch of this ammo from 2020 or 2021. Most likely they either stored the ammo wrong or moisture or oil or something got into some of the rounds of those batches.
I can confirm the 2022/2023 batch - all 100 rounds were fine and fired without failure.
Good stuff also. Some of the Euro Nato Mil Spec ammo coming out of Eastern Europe is fantastic. Even better than some of the American counterparts.


These Safeguards are very accurate in my S&W 686, Ruger GP100, and Rossi R92 rifle. Looks to be a devastating defensive or hunting round.

7.62x51 NATO - Federal American Eagle 149 Grain FMJ - 500 Rounds

Fair prices, high “free ship” amount.

Good place to buy ammo but they are very limited on products. I figured out that if folk like me and others that pay these high prices, dealers will continue to sell. It’s the consumers that need to stop buying, and watch prices fall.


Velocity does their research and actually ships to MA! Yay.

Great service

Great price, fast delivery.

They worked fine.

I pulled the trigger the rounds went Boom and hit what I was aiming at.


Excellent pricing, good quality…looking forward to price per round of 19 cents…the good ol’days!

Great service

Cheap prices. Great service. Fast delivery!

7.62x39 Igman Brass

I use this ammo in both of my AR platforms. Runs great, clean and accurate. No issues.

10mm - Federal American Eagle 180 Grain FMJ - 1000 Rounds

Best Inventory. Best Prices. Fast Delivery

This is the second ammo purchase I've made from Velocity and I am very satisfied. If you want superb selection, quality and delivery, Velocity is really the only place I recommend.

Good product

I haven’t had single issue

Great ammo at great prices.

Ammo runs great in my Marlin 1894. Packing and shipping was top notch. Shipping was very quick.

Good stuff, great price!

223 rem rounds

Excellent service and response. Gave exactly what I was looking for

Good to deal with

Always fair prices, prompt deliveries,and replies to questions about products and rebates quickly. All you can ask for, can’t go wrong with them