40 S&W - Speer Lawman Cleanfire 165 Grain TMJ

40 S&W - Speer Lawman Cleanfire 165 Grain TMJ

  • $17.99

Manufacturer - Speer

Bullet - 165 Grain Total Metal Jacket

Case - Brass

Use - Range / Target / Training

Quantity - 50 Rounds Per Box

100+ in Stock

Designed as a dual line for both law enforcement and sports shooters, the Lawman line has been earning its well deserved status with its reliable, durable and superior performance for the past 35 years. This ammunition features a 180 grain total metal jacket projectile loaded into a reloadable brass case with non-corrosive components.

Speer Lawman Cleanfire 40 S&W 165 Grain Total Metal Jacket


40 Smith & Wesson

Bullet Weight

180 Grains

Bullet Type

Total Metal Jacket






Range / Target / Training

Muzzle Velocity

1,050 fps.

Muzzle Energy

404 ft. lbs

Customer Reviews

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It’s back!!!

You brought it back! Thank you…I have verified this ammo’s awesomeness on the range. Great for indoors…it’s clean! I know…I know…the rumor on the street is that 40 S&W is falling out of style (1980’s FBI shoot out Miami narrative inserted here) but many of us still have lingering 40 S&W’s. Thank for keeping these pistols sending rounds down range. Be safe and train real.

40 S&W Speer

Great prices, great service, fast, accurate, and free shipping !! Wide selection of different calibers too. All of my online ammo purchases are from Velocity !

Ryan Fothergill
Good, Clean Ammo for target shooting

Great price on NY Day special for this stuff. Stocked up!

Roy Kinkead
Dirty ammo

My Glock 40 jammed more times that I care to remember. The casings for this (40 S&W Lawman) ammunition was the dirtiest I ever seen , and I shoot a lot. I will never purchase this ammo again even if it was a $1.00 a box. I f I were you I wouldn’t carry this brand once your supply is gone.

Great Ammo!! ( best price)

This ammo is awesome! I came back to get more and saw the price $2 a box. It sold out before I could get more! Oh no!!! Please bring this back. I may be one of the last surviving 40 S&W shooters remaining in the world…from all of us few: “Please bring this back!” Thanks for great service as always. I will always come back. Stay safe and keep smiling.