17 Mach 2

The .17 Mach 2 or .17 Hornady Mach 2 is a rimfire cartridge introduced in 2004 by the ammunition manufacturer Hornady, following the successful launch of the .17 HMR. The .17 HM2 is based on the .22 Long Rifle “Stinger” case, necked down to a .17 caliber bullet.

The weight of the bullet is a key part of achieving the very high velocity, it only weighs 17 grains. The round may not live up to its “Mach 2” name, however the velocity is nearly double that of a standard .22 LR. At Velocity, we strive to stock a wide variety of the best brands shooters are looking for. We carry everything from range ammunition to personal protection and specialty application ammo to suit a wide variety of needs.

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