220 Swift

The .220 Swift is a semi-rimmed rifle cartridge developed by Winchester and introduced in 1935 for small game and varmint hunting. It was the first factory-loaded rifle cartridge with a muzzle velocity of over 4,000 fps, just under Mach 4. The velocity of the cartridge ranges from 1200 mph up to about 2800 mph, Swift is a large cased .224 caliber cartridge and bullet that was created for small game such as prairie dogs, groundhogs and other varmint such as marmots. Due to its very high velocity, its bullet drop allows precise sighting on game and it is still considered an excellent cartridge for taking varmints. At Velocity, we strive to stock a wide variety of the best brands shooters are looking for. We carry everything from range ammunition to personal protection and specialty application ammo to suit a wide variety of needs.

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