State Sales Tax

The Supreme court ruling in 2018 South Dakota vs. Wayfair, Inc. required internet retailers to begin collecting sales tax if they ship into a state regardless if they have a physical presence in that State.  Velocity Ammo is required to collect our customer’s sales tax and pay it to their State on a monthly basis to those State’s that require collection of tax on Internet sales.  Please see the table below to determine if your state requires tax collection.

For dealers who are tax exempt, please email your exemption certificate to  Please allow 24 hours for Velocity to process your tax exempt status.

Alabama Not at this time
Arizona YES
Arkansas YES
Colorado YES
Connecticut YES
Delaware No Sales Tax
Florida YES
Georgia YES
Hawaii No Shipping
Idaho YES
Illinois YES
Indiana YES
Iowa YES
Kansas YES
Kentucky YES
Louisiana YES
Maine YES
Maryland YES
Massachusetts YES
Michigan YES
Minnesota YES
Mississippi Not At This Time
Missouri YES
Montana No Sales Tax
Nebraska YES
Nevada YES
New Hampshire No Sales Tax
New Jersey YES
New Mexico Not At This Time
New York YES
North Carolina YES
North Dakota Not At This Time
Ohio YES
Oklahoma YES
Oregon No Sales Tax
Pennsylvania YES
Rhode Island Not At This Time
South Carolina YES
South Dakota Not At This Time
Tennessee YES
Texas YES
Utah YES
Vermont Not At This Time
Virginia YES
Washington YES
West Virginia Not At This Time
Wisconsin YES
Wyoming Not at this Time