Ammo Can - New US Mil Spec 50 Cal

Ammo Can - New US Mil Spec 50 Cal

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These ammo cans are factory new and perfect storage container for many different ammunition types, ammunition can be stored loose inside or in boxes. The lid of the can has a rubber gasket that helps to keep moisture out, it's recommended to put a silica gel packet in the can with your ammunition to extend the shelf life and reduce the chance of corrosion.

The back of the can is stamped with M2A1 MDP.

Customer Reviews

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David Welch
Exceeds Expectations

Brand new can suitable for safe storage of variety of ammo. Good bye.

Alvin J Coulter IV

Excellent. Thank You

50 Cal. Ammo Can

I really love my ammo can, I take it everywhere I go. It has 6 sides, it’s metal, and it closes really tight, which is important because I keep all my action figures inside while I’m sleeping.
But sometimes I just want to leave it empty. If somebody were to store weed in this I wonder how long it would stay fresh? Would a desiccant bag help or hurt? Just a thought. Anyway it’s a great box. Everyone should have a box like this.
It will change your life.

David Chipman
Happy - will buy more

Happy with the quality and price. Will buy more.

Great product

The can is sturdy and tight, one thing I don’t like is the strong smell of paint, hopefully it will fade away