10mm – CorBon Hunter Round Nose Penetrator 200 Grain – 500 Rounds


$0.93 Per Round

Manufacturer – CorBon

Bullet – 200 Grain Round Nose Penetrator (RNPN)

Case – Brass

Use – Hunting

Quantity – 20 Rounds Per Box, 500 Rounds Per Case

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UPC: 757750400344MPN / SKU: HT10200PN/20


The CorBon 10mm Hunter RNPN (Round Nose Penetrator) is a high-performance ammunition designed specifically for hunters seeking reliable and powerful rounds for their expeditions. This ammunition is known for its precision, stopping power, and exceptional penetration capabilities, making it a favored choice among seasoned hunters and shooting enthusiasts. CorBon 10mm is packaged in boxes of 20 Rounds or Cases of 500 Rounds.

A Round Nosed Penetrator is a bullet with a thick jacket and a very hard lead core. This non-expanding bullet is used in handguns for deep penetration on large and heavy dangerous game. This non-expanding bullet will retain 100% of its weight.

This ammunition is ideal for hunting and for woodland defense.

This ammunition is factory new, brass cased, reloadable and is non-corrosive.


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