12 Gauge – Black Aces Tactical 2-3/4″ 00 Buckshot

Manufacturer – Clever

Bullet – 00 Lead Buckshot

Case – 2-3/4″ Plastic Hull

Use – Range / Target / Training

Quantity – 25 Rounds per Box


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UPC: 702706998147MPN / SKU: 702706998147


 This ammunition is newly produced in Italy by Clever for Black Aces Tactical. These shells feature a zinc coated steel case for durability and reliable feeding with a velocity of 1,425 fps.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
John McEntyre

This is a very good buckshot load for home defense and you can't beat this price. And, ordering from Velocity is a true pleasure. Package arrives quickly and discreetly every time.

Alexander Miller
Works as intended

Purchased these to break in my Black Aces 12 gauge semi bullpup. The packaging was trash, the shells were falling out of the box. Appears to have been crushed because some of the shells were kinda flattened. Other than that the ammo works great. These are high velocity loads that kick like a mutha! This is exactly what you need when breaking in any semi auto shotgun in my opinion. They leave a pretty decent cloud of smoke when fired but nothing too crazy. The shells were clean, didn’t appear to have any corrosion. Had a few failures to feed/eject but again this was a brand new bullpup being broken in that was not cleaned or lubed prior to shooting so I don’t blame the ammo. I fired the BAT SLUGS as well. At 15 yards (home defense distances) they were accurate as ****. I’m a big guy and these things beat my **** and left a nasty little bruise on my shoulder so be prepared for that. Price wasn’t bad either when purchasing in bulk.

Bob P.
Great spicy buckshot!

I wanted a mix of different value buckshot for range time, and found the Black Aces to be on the upper end of hotness. Only ran part of a box so gar, but ran without issue through my Mav88. Would not hesitate to buy again or recommend to others.

John smith
Terry s

Great customer service,as usual
.fired two shots at 10 yards with a full choke.the damage to the target was great .happy with the black aces oobuckshot

Thomas J
12 Gauge - Black Aces Tactical 2-3/4" 00 Buckshot

Goes Great with my 12GA Black Aces Lever Action!