12 Gauge – NSI 2-3/4″ Low Recoil 00 Buckshot 9 Pellets Case

Manufacturer – Nobel Sport Italia

Bullet – 00 Buck

Case – 2-3/4″ Plastic Hull

Use – Range / Hunting

Quantity – 250 Rounds Per Case

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UPC: 837913002865MPN / SKU: 837913002865


Nobel Sport Italia makes ammunition that is great to run through your favorite shotgun, this low recoil buckshot is perfect for beginners or for those who dont want their shoulder to take a beating. NSI produces and uses their own premium components meaning they have control over every aspect of their ammo, assuring the highest quality possible.

10 shells per box, 250 rounds per case

Muzzle velocity – 1200 fps

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Customer Reviews

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Patrick Dye
Good range/new weapon familiarization ammo

I wasn't exactly a fan of how this patterned at 10-15y when I took it to the range and shot it out of my Beretta 1301T. That being said, none of it failed to go "bang" and it'll do the job in a pinch and the low(er) velocity will mitigate overpenetration in a HD scenario. You could do WAY worse than this stuff in this current market, so I recommend it, if only as range/familiarization ammo.

Sean Poulos
Can’t say anything about the ammo but…

Haven’t had a chance to try out the ammo yet (unfortunately still have another 150 rounds of pure **** to put my shoulder through to break in my shotgun stilll) but….let me tell you a little about velocity ammunition sales. Now when I read reviews about a website or a company I’m always super in depth. A lot of times i read a 5 star review and I’m like “ yeah-okay it got there in in a couple of days my a**, they probably paid them to post this”… THESE GUYS FOR REAL DELIVERED!!! This is hands down the fastest online delivery I have ever received involving ANYTHING firearms related! I literally bought this case at 9:00pm on a Thursday, and it’s was not only confirmed( y’all know how most put you in pending at least for a week) but was shipped out by 12:00 pm that Friday! I received my package at 6:00 Saturday!!! One and a half days, what kind of magic do y’all work up there in northern Virginia?! Will definitely be using y’all from here on out to fulfill my bulk ammo needs!!

Robin Wertz
12 Gauge shells

Great to buy from , fast shipping and the 12 Gauge Ammo is great for home protection.

James Lytle
Fantastic Web Store

Easy website fair pricing awesome order and delivery... given the times NOTHING bettet!!!

Tung Tran
12 Gauge - NSI 2-3/4" Low Recoil 00 Buckshot 9

Great Ammo