6.5 Creedmoor – Norma 140 Grain White Tail Soft Point – 200 Rounds

Manufacturer – Norma

Bullet – 140 Grain Soft Point

Case – Brass

Use – Hunting

Quantity – 20 Rounds Per Box, 200 Rounds Per Case


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 The White Tail load from Norma features a flat base projectile that offers consistent accuracy expected from Norma ammunition. The expanding lead core and exposed lead tip ensure reliable penetration and expansion with every shot.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Shan Faggard
Norma 6.5 Ammo

I've taken it to my range and have shot it one time and it worked great. I like having a heavier bullet than my 129 gr.

Greg W.
Norma ammo.

Quality ammo at a Great price and shipped and received much faster than expected!

D. Kimbrough
Velocity ammo got me put in the dog house

I've bought ammo from velocity ammo 3 different times now. Ammo is good quality, nicely packaged, and shipping is fast. Web site can be navigated through by anybody with an IQ above a gold fish, quick and easy to find what your looking for. The in stock ammo your looking for comes up quick . The prices are so good on bulk ammo I couldn't pass them up. After the 3rd time of ordering bulk ammo my wife put her foot down and told me that's enough for now. Very good site to order from I would recommend them to anyone looking for ammo.

Good quality

Accurate, inexpensive and fast delivery. I was on the fence about the Norma whitetail until I put it up against winchester extreme copper impact & hornady precision. The Norma was on par with the Hornady accuracy wise.

Ricky Cantrell
Liberty Trust

Just looking at it, it looks as good as my hand loads. I can buy this ammo cheaper than I can buy Bullets and Brass and reload it. You could not do that 40 years ago. Though of buying 200 more but I'm only going to shoot at paper. Now I got 400 pieces of brass to reload as I shoot it up. I use Ammoseek all the time now. And I am CHEAP. I not getting out in this weather to hit ragged edge holes. When I reload I will fine out if my gun likes Lite or Hot loads. No 2 like guns shoot the same. Even if they are Brother or Sister guns. I just assume a person selling Ammo knows all this and more. Have a nice day.