9mm – RUAG Geco 115 Grain Full Metal Jacket – 1000 Round

Manufacturer – RUAG

Bullet – 115 Grain Full Metal Jacket

Case – Brass

Use – Range / Target

Quantity – 1000 Rounds Per Can

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UPC: 810036150453MPN / SKU: 810036150453


 Geco ammunition is produced by Ruag Ammotech to provide shooters with a high quality, economical and non-corrosive modern ammunition option.

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Customer Reviews

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Quality ammo but VERY hot

Quality ammo, but......I believe some ppl are having problems with this because this ammo is VERY hot. I noticed it's loud as **** and recoils hard. Ran it through chrono to compare to some other ammos (Glock 34 with aftermarket rifled barrel), and velocities were consistently at 1300+ fps, which is USPSA power factor of ~150 (!!). (Velocities were very close, suggesting good quality control). I have a stiff spring in my Glock, so this functioned reliably, but if I had a lower poundage spring, I believe it could actually cycle too quickly and FTF. If you have a gun that needs hot ammo to cycle correctly, this is your stuff. Otherwise.......

Nolan Carlson
Good ammo so far

No problems yet

John Kneip
9mm - RUAG Geco 115 Grain FMJ

Excellent range ammo at a great price. Accurate and cycled flawless in P365 and other 9mm pistols. Plano ammo can a bonus.

kevin gastright
Ammo happiness!

Finally! Great products and services!

Amador Cortez
Excellent ammo

Loved hearing that rattle when this arrived, and fired perfectly, would definitely purchase again.