9mm - Sergeant Major Munition 115 Gr. FMJ Zinc Plated Steel Case

9mm - Sergeant Major Munition 115 Gr. FMJ Zinc Plated Steel Case

  • $299.99

Manufacturer - TulAmmo

Bullet - 115 Grain Full Metal Jacket

Case - Zinc Plated Steel

Use - Range / Target / Training

Quantity - 50 Rounds Per Box, 1,000 Rounds Per Case

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 Sergeant Major Munition is TulAmmo's new line of ammunition geared towards indoor use and training. This ammunition utilizes a cleaner a consistent burning powder, a self lubricating zinc plated steel case and a non-magnetic brass jacketed bullet making this ammunition very economical for range sessions.

Sergeant Major Munition 9mm Brass Jacketed FMJ Zinc Plated Steel Case


9x19 Luger

Bullet Weight

115 Grains

Bullet Type

Copper Full Metal Jacket


Zinc Plated Steel




Range / Target / Training

Muzzle Velocity

1,140 fps

Muzzle Energy

332 ft. lbs

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Dennis J.
Great stuff for the right gun.

Failure to eject on CZ 75, and Baretta centurion, but, cycled flawlessly thru my Sub2000 Keltec. Was very accurate and I will buy again. I think you have to test it for yourself, then decide. Some guns have a preference.

Michael Benoit
Accurate Ammo at affordable price

Super please with product and customer service. SGM ammo super accurate and functions like a charm.

Jeff Howard
9mm Sargeant Major Ammo

Shoots great and runs clean. I was very happy with this ammo at the range.

Joshua Watkins
Zinc coated tula awesome

Basic steel cased tula that will not rust easily like the poly coated stuff if u handle it with sweaty or dirty hands pretty nice ammo looks almost like nickel plated brass and at a cost that is pretty damn affordable....brand is just another cover brand for tula and if u buy a case u get a 50 cal can that is better than the Walmart ones that u always have to check the gasket for proper seal all and all I live in ny and this came to my work as I wasn't sure about signing for it but no ffl needed to ship to ur door and no signature required.....buy some while it's in stock you will not be disappointed