9mm – Winchester 124 Grain NATO 500 Round Case

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This ammunition offers a Full Metal Jacket bullet for sure functioning, no expansion, consistent accuracy, reduced barrel fouling, and controlled recoil.

Winchester US Military 9mm ammunition is some of the most reliable ammunition available in the market, great for target shooting, plinking and practice. Loaded with “M882” 124-grain full metal jacket bullets rated at 1140 fps, this cartridge is considered P (but slightly less than P ) ammo. These increased pressure cartridges travel farther and penetrate better than standard 9mm rounds.

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Patrick Heflin

9mm - Winchester 124 Grain NATO 500 Round Case

Johm K Kiersnowski

Fast service and good price

Wes Verreras
Perfect and fast

Thank guys! Timing was everything

Daniel Hamilton
Great product, service and price.

I needed to have at least 500 rounds of 9mm, 124gr NATO. I had bought a new HK VP9 and when I took it to the range, it would not cycle properly, or lock the slide open after the last round. I called HK and a service tech told me that the 115gr FMJ ammo I was using doesn't have enough umpf. The VP 9 was designed as a military pistol, so to break it in, I need to put between 500 and 600 rounds of the 124gr NATO through it, which is loaded to a higher pressure. It's literally a +P round. I couldn't find this type of ammo anywhere locally, or at the online dealers I have used before.
I did a search and found a link to Velocity Ammunition Sales. It was late in the afternoon, so I left a message inquiring about the NATO rounds. I received a reply from David Hazlett who told me he'd check for me. Early the next day, David sent me an email telling me that he had ten, 500 round cases of it.
I called and talked to David about what I was required to do, to purchase two of the 500 round cases. He gave me the info I needed, then helped me make the purchase in a very friendly and polite manner. I made the order on a Wednesday. It was shipped out the same day and I received it on FRIDAY...!!! I was highly impressed with David Hazlett's professionalism, and manner. The next time I need bulk ammo, I'll go right back to Velocity Ammunition Sales and check with them.