9mm - Wolf 115 Grain Copper Washed Steel FMJ

9mm - Wolf 115 Grain Copper Washed Steel FMJ

  • $16.99

Manufacturer - Wolf

Bullet - 115 Grain Copper Washed Bi-Metal Full Metal Jacket

Case - Copper Washed Steel Case

Use - Range / Target / Training

Quantity - 50 Rounds Per Box

100+ in Stock

 Wolf's specialty is steel cased ammunition, despite the appearance of the case on this ammunition, it is made of steel with a copper wash to reduce corrosion and improve feeding as well. The projectile is bi-metal meaning it is magnetic and not suitable for all ranges. This ammunition is non-corrosive and features berdan primers.

Wolf 9mm Copper Washed Steel Case Bi-Metal Jacketed Ammunition


9mm Luger

Bullet Weight

115 Grains

Bullet Type

Bi-Metal Jacket Full Metal Jacket


Copper Washed Steel


Berdan (Non-Corrosive)


Range / Target / Training

Muzzle Velocity

1,130 fps

Muzzle Energy

326 ft. lbs

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
James Shrouder
Ammo review

Very happy with the Ammo no problems

Richard Britt
Training 9mm ammo

This was a great buy, price was excellent, ammo came to me in less than 48hrs ( unbelievable), I definitely wont hesitate to make another buy...... First impression means everything and I'm impressed

J Mark Johnson
Havent Fired

These are an unknown at this point. They look fine and velocity did a great job getting them out asap.

Ok for the price

I do alot of practice shooting so I bought some of this in bulk. Although It has a copper coating that looks nicer than the regular steel I didn't see any improvement over their regular steel ammo. This stuff does occasionally jam in my cx4 storm and some of my 9mm pistols so I would not recommend using it any kind of competition or defense situation. That being said the price is great so if you don't want to go broke shooting expensive brass or defensive ammo this might be for you if an occasional jam every once in awhile doesn't matter to you!

Nick T.
Okay for range ammo

Prefacing with the fact that I am not an ammo snob, and keep my pistol clean and oiled. Fired this out of the Sig M18 and in the first 30/100 rounds, had a failure to eject that totally locked up my pistol. The range master had to come over and help me get the pistol to eject the round because it was super locked up. You can feel that the casing is kind of abrasive when loading it, so the copper wash didn’t really make it any more smooth IMO. Maybe my Sig is just picky about ammo. I definitely would defend myself with Blazer or other brass ammo if I had to, but this stuff is strictly range ammo. I have zero percent confidence in relying on if I absolutely had no choice in SHTF scenario. I know that it is all “range ammo” unless you drop a dime on Hollowpoints, but for emergency ammo we all can’t afford to stockpile that stuff for every caliber we own. Strictly range ammo as it may cause issues, is my verdict.