12 Gauge – Fiocchi 2-3/4″ Lead 00 Buckshot Case

Manufacturer – Fiocchi

Bullet – 00 Lead Buckshot

Case – 2-3/4″ Plastic Hull

Use – Range / Target / Hunting

Quantity – 25 Shells Per Box, 250 Shells Per Case

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UPC: 010076234404642610FG2330MPN / SKU: 010076234404642610FG2330


 The Practical Shooting line of ammunition from Fiocchi is an affordable range line of ammunition that does not sacrifice quality. This ammunition’s affordability makes it a great choice for a day at the range or even in the field.

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Customer Reviews

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Joel Martinez
Fantastic patterning and VERY affordable

I did some research before I purchased a bulk case and found that Fiocchi's shot chart categorizes these as 00 and not single 0. Compared to their Defense Dynamics buckshot, these have considerably less recoil, and one less pellet. These only have 8 versus the traditional 9+.

Also, unlike other 00 buckshot at this price range, they have what looks like a wholly encompassing wad which wraps around the 8 pellets (like Winchester AA, and Rio 32 Competition birdshot) and overall helps when patterning through my Mossberg 590 (cylinder bore) shotguns. I haven't cut one open yet since buckshot is difficult to find locally. Still, price and quality are driving me to buy another box.

Robert Campbell
Great pattern with modified choke

After opening one of these they are actually 00 buckshot not single 0. There are 8 pellets weighing just over an ounce and measured .338 with my caliper. My CZ 712 really likes them. At 15 yards with an improved choke all 8 pellets were in a group the size of my fist. They're star crimped not rolled.