22 Magnum – Range Dynamics 40 Grain TMJ – 500 Rounds

Manufacturer – Fiocchi

Bullet – 40 Grain Total Metal Jacket

Case – Brass

Use – Hunting / Varmint

Quantity – 50 Rounds Per Box, 500 Rounds Per Brick

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UPC: 762344710136MPN / SKU: 22FWMC


Fiocchi Range Dynamics .22 Magnum is tailored to meet the demands of hunters, featuring a carefully engineered bullet design optimized for terminal performance and accuracy. Whether achieving precise shot placement on small targets or delivering sufficient energy for ethical takedowns, this cartridge excels in meeting the needs of hunters in the field. Fiocchi .22 Magnum is packaged in boxes of 50 Rounds or Bricks of 500 Rounds.

The total metal coated projectile consists of a lead core with an outer copper jacket.

This ammunition is ideal for varmint control and hunting.

This ammunition is factory new, brass cased and is non-corrosive.

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