243 Win – Browning Silver Series 100 Grain Plated Soft Point – 20 Rounds


$1.50 Per Round

Manufacturer – Browning

Bullet – 100 Grain Plated Soft Point

Case – Brass

Use – Hunting

Quantity – 20 Rounds Per Box, 200 Rounds Per Case

100+ in stock

UPC: 020892232204MPN / SKU: B192602431


The Browning Silver Series, is meticulously engineered for optimal terminal ballistics and accuracy. With a sleek profile and a boat-tail design, this bullet cuts through the air with minimal resistance, maintaining velocity and energy over long distances. The carefully selected weight ensures a balance between velocity and penetration, delivering decisive knockdown power while minimizing meat damage for ethical and humane kills. Browning 243 Win is packaged in boxes of 20 Rounds or Cases of 200 Rounds.

This is a nickel-plated projectile with an exposed lead tip, which prevents corrosion while also offering smoother feeding and flight.

This ammunition is ideal for hunting various game species, thanks to its reliable performance and accuracy.

This ammunition is factory new, brass cased, reloadable and non-corrosive.

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