380 Auto – Winchester 95 Grain Full Metal Jacket


$0.38 Per Round

Manufacturer – Winchester

Bullet – 95 Grain

Case – Brass

Use – Range / Target

Quantity – 50 Rounds Per Box

100+ In Stock

UPC: 020892201972MPN / SKU: Q4206


This ammunition from Winchester is a perfect choice for a day at the range. The Winchester Target & Practice line of ammunition features an FMJ bullet that does not expand, superior accuracy, positive functioning and no barrel leading. Winchester 380 Auto is packaged in boxes of 50 Rounds or Cases of 500 Rounds.

The Full Metal Jacket projectile consists of a lead core with a outer copper jacket.

The FMJ is ideal for range time and target practice.

This ammunition is factory new in brass cases that are reloadable as well as being non-corrosive.


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Customer Reviews

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Robert Verhasselt
Great service and fast free delivery

At Velocity they deliver what they promise. The best prices and services in the industry.
Thank you for my recent 380 Winchester ammo. This 95gr ball ammo works flawlessly in my Sig 365-380.

Great ammo, great company!

I've been in search of ammo for my Ruger LCP Max. It eats everything but certain ammo (especially the cheaper stuff) leaves the gun dirty. I'm a nut with gun cleaning and clean after every range session. If 50 rounds leaves my gun black inside, it's normally not ammo I like to use. Winchester seems to be the cleanest ammo for me in all my guns. I usually run Fiochi .380 in my LCP. It's cheaper than Winchester, but not as clean. So for a few bucks more, Winchester for the win in my .380, my 9mm, my .40cal and my shotguns. You can literally wipe down your firearms with a micro fiber cloth after a shoot, lightly oil and be ready for next time. All the above said, Velocity makes it all even better with good pricing and the fastest shipping in the industry!

Andy Moynihan

Winchester 380 excellent amno and fast delivery

Jason Smith
Winchester .380 auto at a decent prepping price

The price for this .380 auto at velocity is the best I can find. Winchester is always able to put a nice ventilation hole in the target. Ventilate, ventilate, and ventilate!

Great Company

Good ammo; great prices.