40 S&W – Liberty Civil Defense 60 Grain Solid Hollow Point

Manufacturer – Liberty Ammunition

Bullet – 60 Grain Lead Free Solid Hollow Point

Case – Nickle Plated Brass

Use – Personal Protection

Quantity – 20 Rounds Per Box


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 Liberty Ammunition is based out of Florida, they manufacture lead-free ammunition for the military, law enforcement and the civilian market. The Civil Defense line expanded their reach into self defense ammunition, good for personal protection and hunting. These rounds are lead free and non-corrosive.

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Big Mo
Favorite for Self Defense

I try every ammo I buy at an outdoor range on an assortment of targets; from steel plate and cinder block to water gallons, pumpkins and watermelons. THIS ammo is dang near explosive on soft targets within 20 yds. I have a few boxes of Civil Liberty for each pistol caliber I own.