410 Gauge – BPS 2-1/2″ Rifled Lead Slug 116 Grain – 250 Rounds

Manufacturer – BPS

Bullet – 116 Grain Rifled Lead Slug

Case – Plastic Hull

Use – Hunting / Home Defense

Quantity – 25 Rounds Per Box, 250 Rounds Per Case

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UPC: 8683052344005MPN / SKU: 8683052344005


This ammunition is imported from Turkey to the USA by BPS. The 116 grain rifled lead slug makes this ammunition suitable for a variety of uses including hunting and personal protection or home defense.

Customer Reviews

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Get Ammo Fast

When I bought my new Henry .410 Axe I needed to buy some ammo. I found Velocity Ammo and I am very happy with their selection and ordering process. So I changed the choke on my Henry from full choke to cylinder and got ready to shot some slugs. Freestyle at 30 yards no problem. Prop it up on a rest and hit a 10" plate at 90 yards. I will be buying more from Velocity. Also hit the plate at 90 yards with my Ruger 57 (right side of plate)

John Balman

410 Gauge - BPS 2-1/2" Rifled Lead Slug 116 Grain - 250 Rounds

Tom H.

410 Gauge - BPS 2-1/2" Rifled Lead Slug 116 Grain - 250 Rounds

Daniel Oehm
410 slugs

as advertised

Richard Williams Sr
Love the Rounds

Great time with my son and the 21/2” 410 thanks