9mm – G9 Defense 80 Grain External Hollow Point – 20 Rounds


Manufacturer – G9 Defense

Bullet – 80 Grain External Hollow Point

Case – Brass

Use – Personal Protection

Quantity – 20 Rounds Per Case

100+ In Stock

UPC: 40232683435


G9 Defense 9mm Luger 80 Grain External Hollow Point. The External Hollow Point from G9 Defense is a precision made defensive handgun round with unmatched reliability. The projectile does not require expansion to create devastating wound cavities, instead it relies on fluid dynamics to enlarge wounds and uniformly transfer energy. The projectile is machined from solid copper so there is no chance of weight loss from jacket separation. G9 Defense 9mm Luger Is packaged in boxes of 20 Rounds.

The G9 External Hollow Point is machined from solid copper.

This ammunition is designed for personal protection.

This ammunition is loaded in factory new brass, is reloadable and non-corrosive.