10mm - Underwood 200 Grain Hardcast Flat Nose

10mm - Underwood 200 Grain Hardcast Flat Nose

  • Manufacturer – Underwood Ammo
  • Bullet - 220 Grain Hi-Tek Coated Hard Cast Flat Nose
  • Case – Nickel Plated Brass
  • Use – Hunting / Woods Defense
  • Quantity - 20 rounds per box

Hi-Tek coating allows you to enjoy the benefits of a hard-cast projectile and the cleanliness normally seen in copper jacketed/plated rounds.

Hi-Tek is a polymer based compound* that not only reduces fouling in your barrel, but also substantially reduces airborne lead contamination (allowing for use in some indoor ranges). The elimination of the wax lubrication combined with the reduced airborne lead contamination results in considerably less smoke produced with each shot.

*Hi-Tek is NOT nylon, PTFE (teflon), or Molybdenum

Hard cast flat nose bullets are non-expanding, powerfully penetrative bullets that are designed with your woods defense needs in mind; whether fending off wild hogs or black bears, the hard cast flat nose bullets are consistently effective in taking down any wild animals that you may encounter.

In contrast to the round nose non-expanding bullets, the flat nose bullets are able to pierce through dense bodies of mass while maintaining their nose forward position, which is optimal for maximum penetration.




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Underwood – 10mm Auto – 220 Grain Hard Cast Flat Nose
Caliber 10MM
Bullet Weight 220 Grain
Bullet Type Hi-Tek Coated Hard Cast Flat Nose
Case Nickel Plated Brass
Primer Boxer
Use Hunting / Woods Defense
Muzzle Velocity 1,200 fps
Muzzle Energy 703 ft lbs

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Alfredo Lopez
10 mm ammo

The ammo came quick and on time. Thank you guys for quick service

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10mm ammo

Excellent price and timely delivery!!!
Y’all ROCK!!!!