8mm Mauser – PPU 196 Grain Soft Point


$1.325 Per Round

Manufacturer – Privi Partizan

Bullet – 196 Grain Soft Point

Case – Brass

Use – Hunting

Quantity – 20 Rounds Per Box, 200 Rounds Per Case

100+ In Stock

UPC: 8605003812913MPN / SKU: PP8S


Privi Partizan makes great ammunition for the range and target shooting. These rounds are economical while not sacrificing quality, they are incredibly accurate, non-corrosive, brass cased, reloadable and feature boxer primers. The Soft Point projectile these rounds are loaded with make them perfect for taking on large game, they expand upon impact to create large wound channels. PPU 8mm Mauser is packaged in boxes of 20 Rounds or 200 Rounds Per Case.

The soft point projectile features a lead core with an outer copper jacket that leaves the point exposed.

This ammunition is ideal for hunting.

This ammunition is factory new, brass cased, reloadable and non-corrosive.

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